WatchGas SST4

 WatchGas SST4

Nama Produk : SST4
Brand : WatchGas
Kategori Produk : Portable Gas Detector
Lampiran : SST4 Data Sheet_GTN_.pdf


As many industries move from single gas to a multi gas approach it is important for end user adoption. The SST 4 range is designed with simplicity, size and with the user in mind. With its compact yet rugged design the SST4 is there when you need it. From use in the hot temperatures of the steel industry or Hazmat user through to the extreme environments found in the Oil and Gas industry. With a wide range of user options, the SST4 can be tailored for a wide range of use cases and applications. Simple set up of the device by using the WatchGas App, calibration, and bump test records. With Compliance check it has never been easier to manage, maintain and ensure maximum up time of your fleet of devices.
SST4 comes with option of using Catalytic Sensor or NDIR Sensor to measure Flammable Gas or Vapor. This comes with its own advantages, please refer to our technical note for more details on this sensor technology.

Feature and Benefit

  • TWA & STEL Alarms
  • NFC as Standard and WatchGas Application
  • Induction Charging for simple and quick charging
  • Longer Battery Life vs Conventional Detector
  • Up to 1 month run time for NDIR sensor
  • Solid Polymer Sensor Design
  • Fastest Response Time vs EC Sensor
  • Largest LCD display
  • External Filters

Additional Information

Dimension : 107.5mm x 63.3mm x 42mm
Weight : 178 grams
Category : Multi Gas Detector
Sampling Method : Diffusion
Pump Option : Using External Zone 1 Pump Device
Sensor Option : 
Battery : Rechargeable, Wireless Charging Feature
Alarm : Audible, Visual, Vibrate
Communication : Using NFC, Compatible with Android or iPhone
Certificate :  
ATEX: II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga 
IECEx: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga 
CSA: Class I Div 1, Gr A, B, C, D, T4
IP Rating : IP67/68
Data Log / Event Log : 100 events

Feature and Benefit : 

Compatible with SST Dock – 1 docking for all SST products
Tap Compliance – Easy to spot whether your device is compliant or not
Easy Setup using NFC, use your android or iPhone to manage your device
Latest sensor technology (Solid State Sensor) more stable, faster response, no leakage
Value for Money, with all the feature given vs the cost of the product this is best option if you look value for money product
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